TrafficZion Review – can you really get 100% free traffic?

Every marketer wishes to increase their free traffic. You want more traffic, and you want it as cheaply as possible, whether you have a corporate website or a WordPress blog, a landing page or a funnel.

How about getting it for free?

Yes that is what a new product called Traffic Zion claims to get you – 100% Free Traffic.

What is TrafficZion? Free Traffic

This is ground-breaking tech that has been battle-tested for over a year and allows practically everyone to start receiving consistent free traffic to their partner deals, products, and services on full autopilot. I’m not a fan of endorsing some kind of “push button” scheme, but I can assure you that this is the closest you’ll ever come!

Who can use TrafficZion? Free Traffic

TrafficZion is very simple to use, so it is suitable for newcomers. It is assumed, however, that you have already started an online business of some kind (or at least know which type of online business you want to get into, and you have a plan). From that perspective, it’s targeted at people who are slightly more advanced than newbies. Anyone who wants traffic for their goods, services, or affiliate offers but finds paid traffic to be prohibitively expensive will profit from TrafficZion:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online product owners
  • Email marketers
  • Offline businesses
  • Social media marketers
  • Local marketers

SEE THIS DEMO VIDEO and see the software in action…

3 Things I Love About TrafficZion:

I appreciate that the developers of this programme have done their homework and thoroughly tested it before launching it, with beta testers seeing results almost immediately after turning it on. Some of these beta testers have been using this programme for over a year, so the developers are taking extra precautions to ensure that this isn’t some flimsy software that works today but goes away in a matter of weeks.

The app dashboard is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly I’ve ever seen. I’m not the most technically inclined guy, and some of the dashboards have made me feel like I’m piloting a space shuttle! TrafficZion is great because it’s so easy to use – just scan for your niche using your tags and keywords, click start, and watch as traffic pours in to your websites, goods, and offers.

The traffic is fully free and comes from a previously untapped reliable source, making it perfect for new affiliate marketers and online marketers on a tight budget.

What do I get inside the TrafficZion System? Free Traffic

You will receive the complete, user-friendly TrafficZion software framework, which includes:

  • Any WordPress platform can be installed with a single click.
  • Choose tags and keywords that will help you find your ideal niche (this is important as many free traffic sources are un-targeted and therefore useless). This feature allows you to only receive traffic from people who are specifically interested in your deals and goods.
  • User management is no longer necessary thanks to the autopilot feature. After initial setup, this is a comprehensive framework that can produce a steady stream of traffic without your involvement.

Any drawbacks or downsides to TrafficZion? Free Traffic

The biggest disadvantage is that it is not suitable for newcomers. It is, however, suitable for beginners. Allow me to demonstrate! A newbie is someone who wants to make money online but doesn’t know where to begin. They may have an idea of which business model to pursue, but they need a “start from scratch” course to teach them how. This is something that TrafficZion does not do. It is assumed that you are already running an online business or are about to do so, and that you need what all online businesses need: targeted traffic. TrafficZion, on the other hand, is beginner friendly in the sense that, even if you’re not a fan of software because it’s complicated, you’ll be able to instal and set up TrafficZion with ease.

Do I get any bonuses that come with TrafficZion? Free Traffic

Yes, you get 3 bonuses:

Bonus Library – Download hundreds of items to use as incentives in your ads – ideal for affiliate marketers.
Link Supercharger Software is a powerful tool for increasing traffic, branding the domains, and the commissions.
WordPress SEO – everything you need to get your WordPress website up and running.

Last thoughts about TrafficZion: Free Traffic

It doesn’t matter what deals or services you’re advertising… if you’re not having the results you expect, it’s likely because your offers aren’t receiving enough targeted traffic. And a lack of targeted traffic is the leading cause of business failure. At least 9 out of 10 advertisers are currently having difficulty obtaining traffic. But now, thanks to TrafficZion, we have plenty of space to produce autopilot, super-targeted traffic back to our websites, blogs, and deals… resulting in income!


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