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Long Tail Pro Review – How do I use long tail keywords: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

How do I use long tail keywords – Every website owner wants free traffic from the major search engines. However, in order to do so, the site must have a high rating, which is not easy to achieve considering the millions of blogs and websites out there; organic traffic is difficult to come by. However, there is a simpler and quicker way to do it with Long Tail Pro, a useful tool for improving the website’s ranking.

What is Long Tail Pro? long tail keywords

Long Tail Pro is a keyword analysis tool that helps you find low-competition keywords for your website quickly and easily. You have a good chance of outranking other websites in search engines if you find and use the correct keywords. If you want to get more traffic, leads, and sales, you need to rank high.

This keyword generator tool is specifically designed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals who want to increase organic traffic to their website by ranking high on search engines such as Google and Bing.

You will get keyword suggestions in bulk in addition to easily identifying lucrative niche keywords. It also displays the keyword’s monthly search rate, advertiser bid, word count, rank value, and keyword competitiveness.

 long tail keywords

Who Created of Long Tail Pro? long tail keywords

Long Tail Pro is the brainchild of Spencer Haws, who has dabbled in a variety of online business ventures, including niche website creation, website buying and selling, software development, and Amazon FBA physical product sales. Since 2011, he has been a full-time online entrepreneur, owning hundreds of niche websites.

He later sold the keyword generator in 2016, but he continues to use the app, which is continually modified and improved.

How do you Use Long Tail Pro? long tail keywords

This useful tool will help you save time and improve your rankings. You simply need to create an account, download the file, and instal it on your hard drive. Previously, the licence allowed you to instal Long Tail Pro on up to three computers by following the instructions emailed to you after you signed up. However, it was recently revamped, moving this useful tool to a web-based format that makes it easier to use.

Open the tool and start researching keywords. Simply complete the necessary fields. Put the seed keyword in to find keyword suggestions, and you can even pick which country you want the keywords scraped from. Monthly Searches, Suggested Bid, and Advertiser Competition are three choices for filtering suggestions. Allow a few minutes for the keywords to be processed by the tool. Then you’ll be given long tail keyword suggestions.

Advantages: long tail keywords

  1. Obtaining a large number of keyword suggestions.
  2. Identifying low-competition keywords that will help you rank higher in Google.
  3. Rank value can be used to calculate keyword profitability.
  4. Simple to use and find keywords that meet the low competition, high search volume, and possibly high conversion rate requirements.
  5. You can contact them via chat or email if you have any questions.
  6. It’s gone from requiring you to instal it on your computer to being completely web-based! An update to make things go quicker and better.
  7. You have the option of signing up for a monthly or annual plan. Make the right decision for yourself.
    It has aided a large number of digital marketers.
  8. You can share your rating monitoring graph with your supervisor or clients by exporting it.

Disadvantages: long tail keywords

  1. There is a limit to the number of times you can monitor your rank. If you want to track more keywords, you’ll have to pay more.
  2. Since it is web-based, it needs a continuous internet connection.
  3. In competitor analysis, view uneven text and URLs on occasion.

Recommendation: long tail keywords

There are millions of keywords to choose from, and finding the right ones will help you rank higher. Long Tail Pro will assist you with this. It limits the keywords you can use to benefit from the free traffic that a search engine can generate. To better optimize your website for higher ranking, there are guidelines that must be met, and this smart tool will guide you through the process step-by-step.

One of the most important reasons to optimise the website is to convert traffic into sales. A higher ranking means more traffic without having to pay for costly advertising. By selecting the most profitable keyword with Long Tail Pro, a tool considered to be the best in its field, you can save time and improve your rankings.

Better rankings in search engines mean better traffic to your website which can convert into sales and business growth. But this can be challenging because of the various criteria and page ranking guidelines that you need to follow, good thing Long Tail Pro exists, a keyword generator that helps you find the right keyword to gain better ranking in search engines.

Better search engine rankings mean more visits to your website, which can lead to sales and business expansion. But, because of the different requirements and page ranking guidelines that you must obey, Long Tail Pro exists, a keyword generator that assists you in finding the right keyword to improve your search engine ranking.

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