10 ways to improve male sexual health

10 ways to improve male sexual health

Male Sexual health is defined as the state of one’s sexuality in relation to one’s physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being, among other things. Having a positive and respectful attitude toward one’s sexuality and sexual relationships is essential for maintaining one’s sexual well-being.

Low Sex Drive?

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Your emotional state has a significant impact on your sexual appetite. Having sex with your spouse will be difficult to accomplish if you are feeling anxious, bitter, or angry towards them, to name a few examples.

Men’s sexual health is a major source of concern these days. However, if you are unable to satisfy your spouse in the bedroom, it can result in a deterioration of your marital relationship.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship, sexual intimacy is essential. Your inability to maintain intimacy in bed can make your relationship sour. Your mind becomes increasingly anxious, making sex one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

When discussing men’s sexual health, a variety of psychological factors are taken into consideration. Men who fail to achieve their life goals can fall into a state of depression as a result of their failure. When faced with such a situation, it is only natural to avoid sex.

Learn to control your anxiety.

Exercising regularly and communicating openly can help to prevent anxiety from interfering with libido.
High levels of anxiety are a common impediment to sexual functioning and libido in both males and females, and they can have negative consequences. This could be generalised anxiety caused by life stress or specific sex-related anxiety, for example.

With a demanding work schedule, caring responsibilities, or other life stresses, it is possible to become exhausted and, as a result, have a reduced level of sexual desire.

As a result of their anxiety and stress, people may find it more difficult to get or maintain an erection, which may make them avoid having sexual relations. a review from the year 2017 According to a reputable source of information on erectile dysfunction in young men, depression and anxiety can result in a reduced libido and increased sexual dysfunction in the individual.

Individuals can do a variety of things to help manage their anxiety and improve their mental health, including the following.

maintaining proper sleeping habits
setting aside time for a favourite hobby engaging in regular exercise eating a nutritious diet striving for greater personal growth
consulting with a therapist

Improve the quality of your relationships

In many relationships, there is a lull in sexual desire and frequency at certain points in the course of the relationship. A person may experience this after being with someone for a long period of time, or they may experience it when they believe that things are not going well in their intimate relationships.

Concentrating on improving the relationship has been shown to increase sex drive in both partners. This may entail the following:

  • putting together date nights
  • Spending quality time with each other outside of the bedroom by participating in activities together and practising open communication;
  • setting aside time for quality time together

Pay attention to the foreplay.

It is possible that having better sexual experiences will increase a person’s desire for sex, resulting in an increase in libido. Individuals can often improve their sexual experiences by increasing their time spent touching, kissing, using sex toys, and performing oral sex, among other things. These actions are referred to as “outercourse” by some.

When it comes to women, foreplay may be particularly important. The results of a 2017 study found that only about 18 percent of women orgasm solely during sexual contact, with 33.6 percent stating that stimulation of the clitoris is required for them to orgasm.

Get plenty of restful sleep.

In addition to improving a person’s overall mood and energy levels, some research has also found a link between sleep quality and libido in some people.

In a small-scale study conducted in 2015, it was discovered that getting more sleep the night before increased women’s sexual desire the following day. In comparison to women who reported shorter average sleep times, women who reported longer average sleep times reported better genital arousal.

Consume a well-balanced diet.

By encouraging good circulation and heart health, as well as by avoiding specific foods that can lower libido, people can improve their sex drive by eating a well-balanced diet.

It is possible that the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease will impair physical sexual function. Additionally, polycystic ovarian syndrome can have an impact on hormone levels, which can lead to a reduction in libido.

It is possible to prevent libido-related disorders by eating a diet that is high in vegetables, low in sugar, and high in lean proteins.

Experiment with herbal remedies.

The investigation into the potential benefits of maca powder for libido is still ongoing.
Despite the fact that there has been little research into the effectiveness of herbal remedies in improving sexual function in both men and women, some people may find them to be beneficial.

According to a review study conducted in 2021,

It has been reported by a reputable source that there is limited but growing evidence that the following herbal remedies may enhance sexual function:


People should be cautious about taking herbal medications without first consulting their doctor. Some herbal medicines have the potential to interact with existing medications, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States does not regulate them. As a result, the quality, purity, and safety of their products are still up in the air.

Engage in regular physical activity

Exercise on a regular basis can benefit libido in a variety of ways. A 2015 study of men who were undergoing androgen deprivation therapy, which lowers testosterone levels, discovered that regular exercise helped them cope with issues such as body image concerns, low libido, and relationship transitions.

According to a 2010 review of women with diabetes, research has shown that exercise may be beneficial in reducing diabetes-related symptoms in women. According to the findings of the study, performing pelvic floor exercises may be beneficial even in women who do not have diabetes.

Keep a healthy weight by exercising.

Some scientists believe that being overweight or obese is associated with a lack of sex drive, as well as with other factors that contribute to reduced fertility. This is associated with hormonal factors, such as low testosterone concentrations, among other factors.

Some people who are overweight may also experience psychological consequences, such as a loss of self-confidence in their appearance.

Maintaining a healthy body weight can have a positive impact on a person’s sex drive on both a physical and mental level. Eating a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity can assist in achieving this goal, as well as increasing a person’s overall energy levels.

Attempt sex therapy.

Sexual desire is a complicated phenomenon that includes both psychological and physical components. Improvements in the emotional and psychological responses to sexual stimulation can help people with libido and sexual functioning even if they have a physical condition that interferes with it, such as diabetes.

When it comes to increasing low libido, therapy is an effective strategy. Individual counselling can aid in the treatment of negative attitudes toward sex, low self-esteem, and secondary causes of low libido, such as depression and anxiety, among other things. Some people can benefit from relationship counselling to help them work through issues that are interfering with their sexual desire.

Mindfulness therapy, in addition to talking therapies, may be beneficial. According to one study conducted in 2014, just four sessions of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy in a group setting significantly increased female sexual desire, sexual arousal, and sexual satisfaction scores.

Search the AASECT directory to find a therapist who meets your needs in your area.

Give up smoking

Cigarette smoking has been shown to have a negative effect on a person’s cardiovascular system. In order to have healthy sexual functioning, one must have good heart health.

It is possible that people who smoke cigarettes will notice an increase in their energy levels and sex drive after they stop.

The following are some other topics that pertain to men’s sexual health:

Ejaculation can be either rapid or delayed.
Masturbation and the health of the prostate

Men who experience a decrease in testosterone production experience a decrease in their desire for sex. Low sexual desire can also be caused by certain chronic diseases, hormonal imbalances, stress, fatigue, or a negative body image, among other things.

Erectile dysfunction affects the majority of men in today’s society. In men, erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that makes it difficult for them to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis. Erectile dysfunction is exacerbated by medical conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or depression. Anyone can be affected by this illness at any stage of their lives, but men over the age of 40 are more likely to be affected than other age groups.

Early ejaculation in men who are single prevents them from finding a suitable partner for themselves.

Men are typically apprehensive about discussing their sexual health for fear of having their egos shattered. They interpret it as a curse and adjust to their new reality. Depression can develop as a result of living under such pressure. If your husband feels the same way, you should try talking to him about it. Make him feel comfortable so that he can express his feelings to you. Consult with a physician if necessary.

If you want to keep this matter as private as possible, purchasing levitra power is the best option for you. Levitra is a prescription medication that assists men in improving their sexual health. It works by blocking an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5, then relaxes smooth muscles in the penis and helps improve the blood flow. This results in a natural erection of the penis as a result of the procedure. Erection of penis will ultimately enhance your sexual desire thus giving you more pleasure.

Men’s sexual health necessitates considerate intervention. Make no apologies for bringing up your sexual difficulties with your spouse.

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