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How to Build a Massive Email list: The Fast and Easy Way

How to Build a Massive Email list: The Fast and Easy Way

In this post you will Learn How to Build a Massive Email list the fast and easy way.

#1 way How to Build a Massive Email list the fast and easy way is to use a list building ESP (Email Service Provider) like AWeber or Getresponse to capture email addresses from your website visitors when they opt-in to your list.

How to Build a Massive Email list

This is list building 101

So How to build a massive email list? I use a tool called clickfunnels that connects my optin form to my ESP very easily. (take this 14 day FREE trial and see if it is something you want to use)

If you don’t want to start using ClickFunnels quite yet, you can either create an opt-in box on your website or create a form from your ESP to capture names when visitors opt-in to your email list. you are going to need a domain so you have an .email to send from and ClickFunnels gives you a free one

You can also get a free one with basic hosting package here

I also use a 3rd party landing page program that is proven to work and is an already highly monetized funnel in onitself with high ticket products. (I love this method and you can learn more abut my favourite one here Make Money Online – How To Finally Make More, Then What You’re Spending On Ads

Never Buy an Email List! NEVER!

When you buy a list there is no context to why they have all of sudden started receiving emails from you. This goes the same for using “scraping” technology that builds a list from website content.

*Always use a clear precise landing page so you can build a massive email list of targeted subcribers.

What’s a Landing page and how do I use it:

When I was learning How to build a massive email list – I had to learn a few new terms and so will you…

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is simply and place where people land from an ad or a purchased solo ad that has a provocative curiosity headline that get people to give you their email address. It is usually in the form of a Lead Magnet, Tripwire or Funded Proposal

Free Lead Magnet vs Tripwire vs Funded Proposal:

When you are learning how to build a massive email list. These are the usually the 3 items that people use to entice potential clients and customers to give up their valuable email address.

Free Lead Magnet:

What is a Lead Magnet?

This is usually a small report or information guide to give to your audience for their email. (Experts will use this and “splash” people through to a “tripwire” This page then lets the prospect know that their requested info is on it’s way to their inbox and present a new offer (The Tripwire)

Tripwire (or Trip Wire):

What is a Tripwire or Trip Wire?

This is usually a low cost program or software that will lead them in to an upsell funnel. It is usually an intro product for more products in the same niche. ClickBank has a lot of great tripwires you can put your landing page in front of like this one Check out my 12 minute affiliate review

It can be used alone or on a splash page after the Lead Magnet opt in. With these types of products there is almost always an upsell on the check out page.

Funded Proposal:

What is a Funded Proposal in email marketing context?

Now while a funded proposal may seem just like a tripwire I classify it as something quite different. This type of product is designed to actually wash the cost of your advertising at breakeven or higher so you can keep the cashflow rolling.

Why you don’t want to buy an Email List

Buying lists is hard to track and virtually useless. In most cases, you won’t know who gave you the list, or what they actually signed up for. You will usually get a list of emails of people who didn’t actually subscribe to your list. The likelihood that they gave you a list that is actually targeted towards what you have is slim to none. Use AWeber or Getresponse to get targeted email addresses.

* Email addresses will not have all of the potential to build a list in that list builder will only capture information from those who opted-in. This is a much better option than a list that will include some emails of people who didn’t actually subscribe.

* Many list builders will give you lists with no unsubscribe option, therefore, inviting people to provide their email address and potentially being exposed to spam complaints.

Always use an Autoresponder that is Co-Pathetic to your Niche

If you are going to be doing list building in the make money online niche you are most likely going to want to start with Aweber or Get Response as they are very affiliate marketing friendly. That being said you will always want to keep your open rates above 10%.

List Hygiene: Getting rid or Dormant Subscribers

What is List Hygiene?

I strongly advise you to segment your list so that you can broadcast to your most successful openers on a regular basis. If anyone hasn’t opened your email in the last 30 days, they’re probably not a good targeted candidate for your niche.

If they haven’t opened an email in the last 90 days, I recommend removing them from your list because attempting to email them even once a week and they don’t open would lower your open rate and damage your domain credibility, and if that happens, everything will go to SPAM!

Of course I am really just scratching the surface here if you want to learn a lot more from 7 figure email marketers join my team at List Leverage and we will get your list built Uber Fast!

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